Local Area

Short trips away from Senec

Tiger Sanctuary (10 minutes drive South) –  http://www.tigre.sk/ 

—- They might be closing down in 2022 due to EU laws stopping private breeding of big cats

Good for a couple of hours, free entrance (but donations are expected). If you are lucky there will be some cubs playing, take care as the cages are not always locked with a padlock !

Even mentioned in the UK press:


Červený Kameň Castle (30 mins drive North) – http://hradcervenykamen.sk/?lang=en

A nice 30 minute drive along the foot of the Carpathian mountain range. Tours of the castle in English at certain times, some weekends there are craft fairs and special events. A popular place for weddings.

Small/cheap/good restaurant at the entrance of the castle serves traditional Slovak meals (soup!) and coffeeshop inside, open year round.

Modra (25 minutes drive North) – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modra

Nice town famous for its wine/vineyards, has an annual wine festival in September (with Police waiting to do breath testing as you drive home!). Has several good restaurants in the centre.

You pass through Modra if you are going to Červený Kameň castle.

There is  a very good restaurant between  Modra and Červený Kameň (on the main road, it looks like a concrete prison, you cant miss it) http://www.elesko.sk/ . There is an art gallery attached.

Jelka Watermill (25 minutes drive South) – 

Watermill along the small danube river, good for paddling/swimming in the summer as the current is very small (not like the big danube!), cheap restaurant next to the mill or nice fish restaurant close to the watermill (Reštaurácia V Siedmom Nebi Fish Restaurant ) with views of the fish farm (they serve fried cheese for vegetarians!)

Šamorín (30 minutes drive South) –  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/samorin

A town set on the banks of the main Danube river. Head to Hotel Kormoran (easy free parking) and walk through the nice park to the river. There are goats and a glass bridge along the way. Watchout for bicycles along the flat footpath along the river. Its a good place to collect driftwood from the river bank. Hotel Kormoran restaurant is Ok when they have monthly seasonal promotions (Asparagus month, wild game etc)

If you like horses there is a great equestrian centre at xbionicsphere by the river,  they have a great aquapark and excellent Japanese/Asian restaurant called Apani (my kids favourite restaurant), in the Winter of 2020 they had an Ice skating rink as well.