Senec (,_Slovakia) also known as “Sunny Lakes Senec” is about 20km East of Bratislava (25 mins on train/bus or 25 mins drive subject to rush hour traffic).

There is a webcam here which is 100m fro the apartment, is anybody swimming ?…

Its a great base to discover a small part of Slovakia without paying the higher prices & lack of open spaces in Bratislava.

This map below shows whats to see/do in Senec. Everything is walkable from the Apartment. It takes 15 minutes to walk to the town centre.

Main attractions close by:

  • Lake swimming (June-September is peak swimming season) just 100 metres from the apartment, also 6th January (12th night) when the crazy guys in the town go for a swim
  • Outdoor resturants & bars
  • Senec Aquapark & Spa, suitable for all ages (Spa section sometimes shuts in August but the outdoor aquapark is in full swing then)
  • Outdoor amphitheatre cinema (films most nights in July and August)  Most films are dubbed to Slovak (it will say “SK or CZ Dabing”)
  • Train station for trains to Bratislava (Bratislava needs just a couple of days to explore, its small, not like Vienna or Prague). Also regular trains to Vienna/Prague from Bratislava main station. Budapest can also be reached from Senec with a single change, takes 3 hours and costs €18 return – Train Website


In the summer all of the restaurants near the apartment are very similar, we like the fish from the place right next to the apartment (next to tennis court) & Lobster is quite good. Try Langos which is a hungarian pizza, the best place is the purple buffet (on the left as you enter the gates), its run by identical twins. Our favorite restaurant in Senec is Marathon , its in the middle of the pedestrian street in town, book if you want an outside table in the summer.

Koliba (traditional Slovak food) & Country Saloon (cheap but good with music some nights), Country Saloon also sells gofry (waffles) next door.


There are many coffeeshops in Senec. Our favorites in town (on the pedestrian street) are Impresia and Piano bar, both also serve alcohol & have Wifi. Spacemania is a play cafe for kids from about 3-10 years old, Tony who owns it speaks “proper” English. There are a couple of ice cream shops in town. One at each end of the main street.


All the main supermarkets are here, we use Kaufland and Lidl mainly. They are open 8-9pm 7 days a week (may have changed due to COVID-19). Note that small shops shut for lunch and are are only open Saturday morning until noon. So if you heading to Senec town on Saturday morning go before noon ! On Saturday afternoon and Sunday most shops are closed. Terno supermarket which is nearly opposite Piano bar is a good option if you dont want to drive to Kaufland or Lidl. There is a new Billa in the centre of town due to open late 2020.

There is a local market in the pedestrian area opposite Piano bar, they sometimes sell crafts like hand weaved baskets, wooden spoons…. Saturday morning is best, at other times its just fruit and flowers.

Monthly Events in Senec:

Link to:  Senec Town Website


Ice Bears swimming – On 6th January every year at one of the hotels on the north lake usually at 1pm

Skating 100m from the apartment if its cold enough


Skating race around the lake and shorter childrens races Skating-Facebook-Senec

Goulash making contest (€1 buys you a bowl to sample the entries)


In mid-June the Summer season opens with a big free firework display in the middle of the lake (11pm). Its the same day that the lake holds its music festival so it is VERY busy and VERY noisy so best avoided. You will need to pay for entrance to the festival (€10+).

Last Friday in June – Senec Carnival,bring a mask,  the largest carnival in Slovakia


Senec Run around the lake and shorter childrens races


Apple festival in main square


Christmas Market in main square

Parking in Senec, there is plenty of free parking or paid parking if you want to walk less (20 cents for 30 minutes) in the town (you can download the ParkDots app or pay via SMS (if you have a Slovak phone)). The paid areas are all to the north of the pedestrian street (near the Cinema/townhall) and also opposite Marathon resturant. Payment is only needed from 8am-6pm weekdays and only 8am-Noon on Saturday, Sunday is free.

Parking at all the supermarkets is free, and parking on the road near the train station is also free.

Parking inside the lake near the buffets – This is €3 per day (ticket machine) but if you leave your lake pass in the car window the parking is free.

The blue gate near the apartment is open 03:00 to 09:00 each day so if you get up early you can move your car to Lobsters car park (its free parking) and avoid driving round the lake later on.